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Coaching process



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The goal of the coaching is to enhance the better integration of refugee researchers in the European Research Area and the European labor market. To accomplish this goal, the coaching program should support building the refugee researchers’ skills, knowledge and opportunities to learn.

The coaching process include several basic steps that would ensure successful implementation. These could be structured chronologically:

  • Application – registering in the EURAXESS S4R Buddy system and/ or BRiDGE II coaching team
  • Matching – getting in contact with a refugee researcher, exploring mutual interests and personalities, reaching a common agreement to engage
  • Coaching plan – preparation of a suitable and reasonable plan with clear goals and timing
  • Further steps – implementation, feedback and analysis

This basic tool will focus on the preparation that is in the core of the successful implementation.




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Exercise 1

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions and write down your answers:

Does my company have a policy for hiring migrants? 

  • Is it related with any difficulties?
  • Why I want to be a refugee researcher coach?
  • What I should do when the first refugee researcher gets in contact with me?
  • Do I need to involve anyone else in the process?
  • Actually who are my supporters?



Exercise 2

Watch the Video Handbook Part 1. This exercise takes half an hour.



Learn Learning Education Knowledge Wisdom Studying Concept

Exercise 3

  • Compare your written answers with what you have learnt from the Video Handbook.
  • Take a few minutes to write down your updated answers according to your new experience with the Video Handbook.

These notes will help you when you start preparing your first coaching plan.