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BRiDGE II experts

BRiDGE II experts

The BRiDGE-Step II team consists of experienced members of the EURAXESS Network and they use their experience and established cooperation to solve RRs' cases. Geographical coverage of the project team marks "BRiDGE for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe − Step II" including so called final destination countries and entry countries, a transit, conditional host and origin country of RRs at the same time

A broad pool of relevant experts with advisory role is also consulted in BRiDGE − Step II.



BRiDGE II coaches

BRiDGE II coaches

BRiDGE II team created a wide network of academic and non-academic mentors and coaches in order to support better integration of RRs in the European labor market for highly qualified and skilled specialists.

If you are interested to join the BRiDGE II academic coaches’ team we encourage you to:


BRiDGE II non-academic mentors are representatives of NGOs that are engaged with refugee integration in local societies or EURAXESS members that support career development and mobility of researchers in Europe.





BRiDGE II Peer Mentoring Group

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BRiDGE II Peer Mentoring Group

BRiDGE II team established a dedicated Peer Mentoring Group of refugee researchers. Its aim is to discuss and come up with recommendations to their peers on how to they can support each other in:

  • Getting in contact with local researchers in the European country of residence
  • Establishing an own local network
  • Preparing to apply for a job in academic, other public and industrial organizations
  • Improve own transferrable skills

The BRiDGE II peer mentoring group formed several sub groups that will work on different directions. The BRiDGE II team supported their work by funding through the project budget group face-to-face meetings. See materials and more information here.




BRiDGE II materials and tools

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BRiDGE II activities

BRiDGE II main activities are:

  • Developing pilot courses and conducting trainings for social integration and career development of;
  • Developing pilot courses and conducting trainings for mentors of;
  • Developing career plans for 300 RRs;
  • Building a mentoring network to foster exchange between academic mentors and coaches;
  • Piloting a peer mentoring program;
  • Piloting an internship program in non-academic sector;
  • Piloting a dual career case study;

All materials from these activities are available at BRiDGE II web page.






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EURAXESS materials

EURAXESS Network members have developed many useful and practical materials and tools for supporting career and mobility of researchers. You may benefit from them yourself and/or advise the RRs to use them too. For your convenience below are listed the direct links to different tools:

You may explore further the EURAXESS portal which is the largest job portal in Europe for highly qualified specialists.