A New Approach to Research Ethic - Using Guided Dialogue to Strengthen Research Communities book

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A New Approach to Research Ethics is a clear, practical and useful guide to the ethical issues faced by researchers today. Examining the theories of ethical decision-making and applying these theories to a range of situations within a research career and process, this text offers a broader perspective on how ethics can be a positive force in strengthening the research community. Drawing upon a strong selection of challenging case studies, this text offers a new approach to engage with ethical issues and provides the reader with:

• a broader view on research ethics in practice, capturing both different stages of research careers and multiple tasks within that career, including supervision and research assessments;

• thoughts on questions such as increasing globalisation, open science and intensifed competition;

• an increased understanding of undertaking research in a world of new technologies; •

an extension of research ethics to a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach; and

• an introduction to a ‘guided dialogue’ method, which helps to identify and engage with ethical issues individually and as a research community.


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