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Generative AI systems and Learning-Experience Design


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The central thesis of the presentation is built upon the premise that the most effective, efficient, and appealing educational outcomes of generative AI systems, like ChatGPT, are conditional on empirical evidence collected during the long and rich history of learning experience design. On the other hand, these generative AI systems highlight the shortcomings of conventional education (such as essay assessment) and spark a radical shift in the field.

The discussion will start with an overview of the large language models’ (e.g., ChaptGPT, Bing and Bard) context, including their generic educational applications. Then the presentation will focus on crafting the generative AI systems’instructional prompts, which implement evidence-informed learning experience design findings. Work-out examples will be presented. There will be suggestions for the research agenda along the way. Some core publications will be shared.


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Slavi Stoyanov, PhD

Slavi Stoyanov, a PhD in instructional technology, is currently with the Department of Technology-Enhanced Learning Innovation at the Open University of The Netherlands. He teaches and supervises MSc students and PhD candidates, with research interests in design for learning, technology-mediated learning, and individual differences in learning. He is internationally recognized as one of the leading experts in Group Concept Mapping research methodology.

The start and end of the event are announced in CEST, Brussels time! See details below:


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  • Informal discussion on the topic will be the core of the event. 
  • The presentation of the speaker will feed the discussion.
  • Questions are allowed throughout the event.
  • The speaker is available to continue sharing experience and discussing hot topics after the event.
  • Main topics for continued discussion will be raised also in the Linked In group of the EURAXESS Mentoring Program in order to include broader group of researchers, research managers and policy makers. Join the group: 

MATERIALS are posted below:

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