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What types of accommodation can be found?

Depending on the length of stay in Bulgaria foreigners may choose between to rent an apartment or a house or to rent a hotel room or to stay in a hostel.

Apartment or house: bedroom, and other rooms (kitchen, bathroom)

Studio: bedroom and living room with kitchen and bathroom.

Studio apartment: bedroom, living room and kitchen (in most cases joint), bathroom.

Penthouse: Apartment on two levels with internal stairs. Often there are two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms.

Family house: two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms.

Where can I search for accommodation?

Real estate agencies act on behalf of the owner. An employee of the agency accompanies tenants on-site inspection of houses. A fee is provided for this service, but it is paid after a rent agreement. If you do not want to rent a property through an agency, you can find local newspapers for advertisements and residential rentals directly from owners.

Most universities and colleges in Bulgaria have their own student dormitories, used to offer temporary accommodation for students and postgraduates. According to an Ordinance of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), higher education institutions and BAS adopt their own rules for the use and management of student accommodation. Provision of places in student dormitories is provided, in most cases, after application to the Committee on Social and welfare issues in the appropriate university.

What type of costs do I have to pay?

If you rent a house/apartment:

1. Deposit: usually paid upon singing the rental contract or with the first rent. This sum is returned upon leaving the house.

2. Rent or mortgage repayments: rent and mortgage payments are usually paid monthly and vary greatly depending on the type of accommodation and region of residence.

3. Furnishing: Some rental apartments are furnished or partly furnished, but in case they are not - you will have to buy furniture by yourself.

4. Overhead costs: In most cases they are not included in the rental price.

5. Internet and Cable TV: Costs vary depending on the service provider and different service packages.

6. Insurance. There are many insurance agencies. You can choose between monthly or annual fees (to cover the structure of the house) or tangible property (to cover furniture, personal belongings, etc.). Prices vary depending on the provider and where you are situated in the region. Very few owners in Bulgaria insure their property.

You can contact EURAXESS Centres and Contact points in Bulgaria and ask for information about accomodation in the city you are interested in.