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Pentions Rights

National Social Security Institutte is the public institution that manages the state social security in Republic of Bulgaria. NSSI administrates thr compulsory social security for:

1. sickness,
2. maternity,
3. unemployment,
4. accident at work and professional diseases,
5. disability,
6. old age and death.

Ph.D. candidates in Bulgaria have similar status as students and are not obliged to pay contributions for Social Security unless they are hired by the same or other institution. If they are hired with a temporary or with a fixed contract their contributions for Social Security do not differ by the other Bulgarian citizens.Ph.D. candidates in Bulgaria are obliged to pay contributions for Health Insurance on their own.

The rules are the same as for the Bulgarian citizens unless these citizens do not have any other permanent contract in their home countries. In this case they are not obliged to contribute to the national Social Security system. If they are holders of a "European Health Insurance Card" they do not pay any contributions for Health Insurance.

Third country citizens are included in the national social security system and have same rights as Bulgarian citizens only if they have permanent residence permission or long stay permission (1 year and above).There are special regulations for some countries citizens which are based on bilateral or other type agreements. For instance FYRO Macedonian citizens have special rights. There are agreements for Social Security between Bulgaria and Russian Federation, Bulgaria and Israel and etc.

A Researcher with temporary and fixed employment contract is obliged to pay contributions for Social Security and for Health Insurance on the same bases in both cases as a temporary and fixed contract employee.

A researcher without employment contract (Guest lecturer/researcher with own means/external funding, expert) is not included in the national Social Security system and they are not obliged to pay any contributions for Health Insurance as well.