The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

Associate Professor, position 8

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    Spiru Haret University
    Established Researcher (R3)
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    18/06/2019 16:00 - Europe/Athens
    Romania › Constanta


  • Management of investments;
  • Human resources management;
  • Organizational behavior (optional)
  1. Activities related to the position

Teaching activities:

Management of investments year III Management (sem 5) 2 hrs = 2 agreed hrs/week

Human resources management year III Management (sem 5) 2 hrs = 2 agreed hrs/week

Seminar activities:

Management of investments year III Management (sem 5) 3 grs x 0.5 hrs = 1.5 agreed hrs/week

Human resources management year III Management (sem 5) 3 grs x 0.5 hrs = 1.5 agreed hrs/week

Organizational behavior (optional) year III Management (sem 5) 1 gr x 1 hr = 1 agreed hr/week


Total hours = 8 hrs/week

  • Supervision of bachelor/master degree papers;
  • Research activities;
  • Evaluation activities, coordination of the student scientific circles;
  • Tutoring and consultations activities;
  • Participation in admission commissions for bachelor degree/dissertation;
  • Other teaching activities.


The basic salary will be paid on the tenure decision date.


  1. Topics for the contest
  1. Management of investments
  1. Economic efficiency. Introduction
  2. Evaluation indicators for the efficiency of the economic activity
  3. Evaluation of the economic efficiency of investments depending on various branches. Indicators
  4. The influence of the time factor upon the economic efficiency of investments. The technique of updating (discounting)
  5. Achieving an investment; feasibility studies
  6. Management contribution to the increase in the company efficiency
  7. Efficiency of the capital markets

b. Human resources management

1. Preliminary considerations regarding the human resources management in the company

2. Organization of the administration activity for the human resources

3. Analysis and design of the positions

4. Staff recruiting, selection and hiring

5. Human resources training and improvement

6. Staff motivation and reward

7. Evaluation of the human performances

8. Labor health and safety management


c. Organizational behavior (optional)

1. Organizational management and behavior

2. Learning and personality

3. Perception, attribution and judgment of the other people

4. Values, attitudes and satisfaction in labor

5. Groups and team work

6. Social influence, socializing and culture

7. Communication

8. Power, politics and ethics

9. Conflict and stress

10. Professional careers


3. References

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Prof. PhD Mihnea Claudiu Drumea

Selection process


1. Registration 03.05.2019 – 18.06-2019

2. Verification of the documents filed by each candidate as well as of the information necessary and mandatory for the teaching rank being requested, submitted in the verification sheet (according to the University Methodology) by the Commission convened at Spiru Haret University, approved by the Senate upon the recommendation of the Board of Trustees and appointed by means of Rector’s Decision. 20.06. – 21.06.2019

3. Examination of the information in the University Methodology and the candidate’s registration documents, for the legal approval. Notification about the final decision of the legal department regarding the documents of the candidates 24.06.- 26.06.2019

4. Publication on the Contest web page (on the web managed by Ministry of National Education) and on USH site (www.spiruharet.ro) of the following data for each candidate: Curriculum vitae, Minimum criteria compliance verification sheet 26.06.2019

5. Publication on the Contest web page (on the web managed by Ministry of National Education) and on USH site (www.spiruharet.ro) of the day, time and venue for the contest 28.06.2019

6. Contest development 02.07 – 05.07.2019

7. Delivery of a public lecture, depending on the teaching rank and previous teaching activity 02.07.2019

8. Publication of the contest results of each candidate (for their ranking) on the Contest web page (managed by the Ministry of National Education) and on the USH site (www.spiruharet.ro) 09.07.2019

9. Filing complaints 09.07-15.07.2019

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Offer Requirements

    Economics: PhD or equivalent

Specific Requirements

The job openings above were approved by the Ministry of National Education and published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part III, issue 457 on 03.05.2019, in compliance with the stipulations of the Government Resolution 457/2011 regarding the Methodology – Contest Framework for filling the teaching and research vacancies in higher education.

The candidates must comply with the contest criteria stipulated in the Act of National Education 1/2011, the Government Resolution 457/2011 regarding the Methodology – Contest Framework for filling the teaching and research vacancies in higher education and the Contest Methodology of Spiru Haret University.

There should also be a compliance with the requirements included in the Order of the Ministry of National Education no. 6129/2016.

For further information, go to www.spiruharet.ro, or call 021/3140071/75/76, ext 133, between 9 am and 1 pm.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Faculty of Juridical Sciences and Economic Sciences, Constanta Department of Economic Sciences
32-34, Unirii Street

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